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Mischief and chaos follow the jinni, Samson, wherever he goes. When he falls in love with a human woman, he turns her world upside down. The princes of Sorek want to bind Samson’s magic, and Delilah becomes tangled in a plot to stop him from destroying a city teaming with corruption.

This standalone release of “Peradventure” is a fantasy retelling of Samson and Delilah, which first appeared in the Legends and Lore anthology in 2014.

Publication Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781987622607

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“Thought Power” in Valcoria: Awakenings
The battle for Amigus is over, and orphan-turned-hero, Yuiv, is settling into his life as junior lord of the house of Trauel. The loving family and peaceful life he’s so long yearned for seems to be within his grasp; that is until Yuiv starts having vivid nightmares. His glowing Kalyra eyes mark these dreams as supernatural, proof that he has the gift of Farsight—a power held only by the Al’Kalyra or Arch Sage.

As frightening as the idea of being Valcoria’s prophesied savior is, the terror of what Yuiv witnesses in his sleep is much worse. Pain, grief, blood and death descend upon him as he sees through the eyes of men, women, and even children who have been touched by the light of YaJiann.

The Children of the Crystal star are awakening, rising above turmoil and strife to embrace their destinies as defenders of Valcoria. But all light casts a shadow, and with the heroes come the horrors born of blood and shadow. A dark threat looms; monsters that are far closer than anyone realizes—anyone except for Yuiv. And the revelation is nearly too hard for him to bear as it can mean only one thing.

The battle with the darkness is not over. It has only just begun.


Set in the universe of Jason King’s Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star, Thought Power follows thirteen-year-old Xandyra, who has the ability to hear and influence the thoughts of those around her, as she sets out to warn her cousin that a stranger on the street has revenge against him on their mind.

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN: 9781975983192

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“The Armadillo’s Song” in Windows Into Hell
Mankind has speculated through the ages that a few righteous or lucky people go straight to heaven. Or so we’ve come to believe. Good or bad, our journey doesn’t end at death. For most of us, the afterlife begins in an office where an overworked and underappreciated demon decides our long term fate. Life is messy, it’s easy to miss one of the crucial lessons. In order to accommodate our unique shortcomings, a myriad of custom fitted Hells wait with open arms to teach us. No cliché fire and brimstone here, except as decorations. Besides, that would be the easy way out. Yes, there is a way out. All you have to do is learn one simple lesson. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Windows into Hell explores what awaits a few people when their life inevitably comes to an end. Featuring bestselling and award winning authors, these stories delve into humanity’s greatest fears- death and the fate of our immortal souls.

Sarah’s Story, “The Armadillo’s Song” appears in this anthology based on A Short Stay in Hell by Steven L. Peck. Published October 24, 2016 by Curiosity Quills Press.

Publication Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781620071342

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“Mine of the Damned Gods” in Redneck Eldritch

And with strange aeons, Even Death may take a dirt nap…

From the publisher of the SPACE ELDRITCH comes a flavor of cosmic horror that’s much closer to home!

Sometimes amusing, sometimes horrifying, always unsettling, sixteen authors bring you sixteen tales of white trash meeting dark gods, the yellowed bones of antiquity, and colors that can’t be named.

Including Writers of the Future winner and Hugo/Nebula/Campbell nominee Brad R. Torgersen, Writers of the Future winner Robert J Defendi, Hugo nominee Steve Diamond, and many more!

“A Hole in the World” by Ian Welke
“Recording Devices” by D.J. Butler
“Mine of the Damned Gods” by Sarah E. Seeley
“Blood” by Steve Diamond
“Ostler Wallow” by Nathan Shumate
“Nightmare Fuel” by David Dunwoody
“The Swimming Hole” by Theric Jepson
“It Came From the Woods” by Jason A. Anderson
“Lake Town” by Garrett Calcaterra
“Taxed” by Scott William Taylor
“The Gears Turn Below” by SM Williams
“Slicker” by Robert J Defendi
“A Brown and Dismal Horror” by Jaleta Clegg
“The People of the Other Book” by Robert Masterson
“The Diddley Bow Horror” by Brad R. Torgersen
“At the Highways of Madness” by David J. West

Cover art, “Signal Boost Appreciated,” by Carter Reid.

“Mine of the Damned Gods” by Sarah E. Seeley is a redneck-Lovecraftian retelling of Oedipus Rex.

Read a sample of Sarah’s story here:

Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 0692692916

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Leading Edge Magazine, No. 67 3/4
Ready for a unique twist on the classic Leading Edge? This issue contains 152 pages of science fiction and fantasy pieces authored only by current and veteran LE staff members. Disappear into an eternal winter, seek to destroy worlds, stop time, and find a missing wizard.

“Dying Breath” by Sarah E. Seeley is a poem mourning the death of a dragon. This special edition includes stories from current and former LE staff members. All material was contributed to help raise funds for this wonderful student-run magazine.

Publication Year: 2015

ISBN: 1522845631

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Leading Edge Magazine, No. 66
In this issue: Fast-paced car chases, time travelers, and extreme kayaking.

Driveless by Sarah E. Seeley: The car of tomorrow might finish you today.

Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 1502967650
ISBN: 1502967650

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Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story

The young orc Ripliancum must decide whether to be true to his heart or true to his oath to protect a sacred and powerful amulet from falling into the wrong hands.

“Seeley does a remarkable job of bringing to life the world and the characters, and dealing with themes of love, betrayal, and redemption. I highly recommend it for fantasy lovers.” (Angie Lofthouse, author of Defenders of the Covenant)

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 1495993930

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Maladaptive Bind
A serial killer has tortured Angela. She survived, but when “The Man” makes threats against her son—in her head—she must fight her own dark transformation to stop him.

“Talk about a mind-pretzel. Seeley doesn’t hold back… I sure couldn’t put it down.” (James Wymore, author of The Actuator series)

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN: 1489585168

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Fall of Spiders
Fantasies make empty meals.
Featured on Flash Fiction Friday by Immortal Works Press

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Demon Betta
When Tommy neglects to clean his room, a demon finds an opportunity to “reek” havoc.
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