Rory’s Story Cubes Games


For a Secret Santa gift last year, an anonymous coworker who knew I wrote fiction gave me Rory’s Story Cubes: Actions. The gift was cute. So, naturally, I put it away in a box where I keep my card games…and forgot about it for a year. I found more of these Story Cubes sets as I browsed for Christmas gifts this year and, remembering this thoughtful offering, picked up two more sets to add to my collection (plus the Prehistoria expansion–I, of course, had to have extra dinosaur stuff). While I don’t currently have any really young family members to test them on, these Story Cube sets look like great games for budding storytellers of all ages, especially kids. Check them out if you have children in your life who would love an excuse to exercise their imaginations and play with the elements of story.

As an author, I’m always looking for different ways to get my creative juices flowing. I’m going to play around with these for fun. In the mean time… Did I tell you about the time I went looking for magnetic mushrooms among the Aztec ruins of Tenochtitlan, only to end up dancing on top of one of the old pyramids with tiny, green, bioluminescent desert crabs that play soccer and sing in rhymes when they talk? It’s quite a story… 🙂


Coloring Book Therapy


During my holiday shopping I’ve noticed that coloring books for grown-ups appear to be popular at Barnes and Noble and other stores this year. My sister, knowing I’m obsessed with Disney’s Frozen, bought me a Frozen Art Therapy book for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed coloring in the designs a little at a time. It brings out the kid in me, who makes up rules like, “I want to try and use every color of marker in the package I got with this at some point so that none of them ‘feel left out,’ ” and I’ve found it to be a much better alternative than turning to social media when I need a break. It’s been a great excuse to disconnect from the bright screens of my electronics, and to mentally separate from the internet and all its background noise completely for little chunks of time. Today I’m sharing some of the Art Therapy coloring that I’ve worked on just for fun.


I love the flowery, wintery designs.


There’s surprisingly a lot you can do with only 20 colors. That might sound like a lot of colors, but really, there’s only two shades of red, three shades of blue, and limited shades of everything basic in that packet of Cra-Z-Art markers.


I picked up some fine-tipped pens to fill in the smaller details.


I think my favorite part of this Frozen book is the sisters theme throughout, reminding me that my favorite (and only) sister gave this to me because she loves me and happens to be brilliantly thoughtful. Kind of sappy, I know…but some things are worth melting for. 🙂