Conferences, Workshops, Conventions, and Events for Utah Writers

I’m pleased to hear that my friends who attended LTUE had a wonderful experience and are hungry for more opportunities just like it, where they can sit in on writing panels or get workshop-style feedback. While LTUE is unique in many ways, there are other events where you can follow your favorite local authors on panels and learn more about the craft and business of writing in Utah. Here are a few that I recommend looking into:

Salt Lake Comic Con/FanXperience is broader in scope with panel topics and activities ranging from cosplay, to fandom, to movies. While the feel of a fan convention is very different from that of a writing conference, there have always been quite a few panels on writing and creativity (I suspect I’ll be on a few):

Write Here in Ephraim is an inexpensive workshop style conference about the same price as LTUE coming up in April (April 22-23):

For those interested in learning more about writing horror, the World Horror Convention, a professional writing conference with panels, workshops, pitch sessions, and more very cool stuff, will be in Provo at the end of April as well (April 28-May 1):

For those interested in writing children’s, middle grade, or YA fiction, there is the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference (June 13-17):

LDS Storymakers is another workshop style writing conference (they fill up fast and may be out of room for this year–but check again next year):

Superstars Writing Seminar has also passed for this year, but their 2016 MP3s are available, and there’s always next year:

Some authors like David Farland and Orson Scott Card also offer individual workshops: (David Farland’s workshops)

Following Pioneer Book, local libraries, or your favorite local authors and publishers on social media is a good way to learn about free events where authors may read from their books, give presentations on things related to craft or stories they’ve published, and answer questions. (The Utah Horror Writers Association may be doing some presentations at the Provo Library in the month leading up to World Horror Con). These can also be decent networking opportunities.

Joining a writing organization, like the HWA or the LUW (League of Utah Writers), or participating in NaNoWriMo can help you find resources to get mentoring or find writing groups to join. (Check out LUW’s Spring Into Books event coming May 28th:

For students, BYU and UVU have writing clubs and take volunteers to read through slush submissions to their speculative fiction magazines. They can help you find resources and teach you how to give and receive feedback on fiction. (,

Outside of Utah, there’s the SFWA conference, numerous comic conventions, and the Clarion science fiction and fantasy workshop to name some good things to look into.

This should give budding Utah authors some great places to go learn more and get their creative juices flowing.

Summer Events

I apologize for my usual sporadic blogging activity here on Slithers. April was a very busy month for me as I worked on some exciting projects, and took some personal spring cleaning/family time as well.


Exciting things are happening this summer.

I’ve decided to attend CONduit, a small sci-fi/fantasy convention taking place in Salt Lake City later this month (May 22-24) at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. I will be there Saturday and Sunday. I may or may not be on panels (I requested very late to be on panels, so we’ll see what happens). I may or may not be selling books (most likely not, but I’ll bring a stash just in case I find some generous friends to bribe into sharing their table space). I will definitely be there to network and have fun.


On June 27th, my short story “Curio Cay” will be published in Xchyler’s forthcoming steampunk Anthology Steel and Bone. In “Curio Cay,” The future of humanity rests in the hands of three time-traveling scientists battling biomechanical creatures in the Jurassic past. If you like steampunk, biomechanical dinosaurs, or H.G. Wells, be sure to add Steel and Bone to your to-read list on Goodreads. When we are ready for release, there will also be a blog tour and an online release party on Facebook. Check this space and my FB page for more details as the time draws near.

July 17-18 is the Salt City Steamfest. Xchyler Publishing will have a booth, and, with any luck, I will be on panels there as well.

I will be attending Salt Lake Comic Con September 24-26. I have requested to be on panels. Booth selling of books has yet to be determined.

Guys, I’m really excited to kick off the summer. If you come to any of these events, do find me and say hi!

Upcoming 2015 Events

The first two events on my author schedule for this year are Salt Lake Comic Con FanX and LTUE.

At FanX, I will be sharing a booth with Xchyler authors to sell copies of the Legends and Lore anthology which contains my short story “Peradventure.” The Event will be held January 29-31 in the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will post more when I get the information for booth location inside the vender room.

Next up is the LTUE (Life, The Universe, and Everything) writing symposium, where I will be sharing a dealer’s room table with other authors to sell my books, attending the Friday night mass signing, and participating on panels. The symposium will be held at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center February 12-14. More information on that to come soon as well. For any of my friends who live nearby that are interested in learning more about the business of writing, honing their craft, networking, etc., I highly recommend attending this particular event! You can learn more about it on their website ( and their Facebook Page (

Meet Xchyler Authors at the Utah Winter Faire

Xchyler Publishing is hosting a book booth at the Utah Winter Faire this very weekend, where we will be selling steampunk, fantasy, and other fiction. You can find copies of the Legends and Lore anthology along with many of the other books the company has to offer. The Faire will be held December 5-7 at the Legacy Center Indoor Arena in Farmington, Utah (I will be there December 6 & 7).

To learn more about the Utah Winter Faire, visit!