A Fresh Start

As I have been preparing for grad school in the fall, I have been looking at various ways to pinch and stretch my limited funds. I also anticipate having limited time to blog, and have been blogging less regularly these days with many other life events going on.

I have come to a decision to switch hosting services for my author blog, and to downgrade to a much cheaper annual plan that will allow me to keep my blog and favorite domains live while I’m in school. This means I will be giving up some of the advanced plugin and theme customization features I have enjoyed in the past. I’ve gone back to displaying my publications in an old-fashioned list, and my free theme lacks drop-down menu features (for my past author events, works in progress, and publication links, just click on the link “Sarah’s Fiction” in the main menu). Nevertheless, I am confident that this clean and simple theme with its beautiful fonts and layout will serve well as the new home and face of my author blog, Slithers of Thought, over the next few years.

This new site is also set up with a featured landing homepage, rather than featuring the blog up front, as a way of inviting visitors to continue browsing my site while communicating that I will not be posting frequently during my studies.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my progress. I’m proud of this little site I’ve built up. This blog of five years is a little messy in some ways, but it has been an experiment in growth and boldness for me. I’m still learning and growing, and anxious to share more life adventures with you–however limited that interaction my become during this time as I prepare to immerse myself in graduate studies.

Thanks for reading and following!



Peradventure Standalone Release


I’m excited to announce that Peradventure is now available as a standalone novelette on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions. Check out the synopsis below and get this updated edition of my story featuring my own cover artwork.

Mischief and chaos follow the jinni, Samson, wherever he goes. When he falls in love with a human woman, he turns her world upside down. The princes of Sorek want to bind Samson’s magic, and Delilah becomes tangled in a plot to stop him from destroying a city teaming with corruption.

Kindle Edition:
Amazon Createspace Paperback:

To all my friends and readers: you rock! Be bright, stay out of mischief…and keep writing!

Sciencing at the SAA Conference


Last week I presented my first official scientific poster at the Society for American Archaeology conference in Washinton DC. The poster featured the mentored research I did in Kenya last summer, studying how surface water flow impacts ancient lithic assemblages. It was an awesome opportunity, and it was fun to meet up with Koobi Fora researchers and students I hadn’t seen in person since last summer. It was also wonderful to rub shoulders with other archaeologists, to meet some of the people I’ll be seeing at UCL in the fall when I start my master’s program, to listen in on some podium talks featuring other scientists’ and students’ latest research, and to network.

I’m pretty proud of this poster, so I wanted to show off a picture of me presenting it at the conference. Special thanks to Jonathan Reeves, David Braun, Matthew Douglass, and Koobi Fora Field School for this research and presentation opportunity. 🙂

April Updates

It has been quite a busy couple of months for me, and I have a number of exciting things to share. LTUE in February was a wonderful opportunity, as always, to speak on panels and network with writers at all stages in their careers. This may be my last year of attending writing conventions and symposiums for a while. It is bittersweet, as I have something even more exciting to share…

I got into graduate school!!! The first time I applied for programs was 2009, and I’ve applied six times to over a dozen different schools since then. This year, I was accepted by three of the four programs I applied to. I am most excited to announce that I will be attending the University College of London’s MSc program in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology. It is a one-year program, and I leave for the UK in September to continue my education. Special thanks to all of the mentors, recommenders, and people I have counseled with over the years for your time, support, encouragement, and assistance in making this dream come true at last. Special thanks as well to all my readers, friends, family, and fans who donated to my Go-Gund-Me campaign last year so that I could meet the tuition deposit to attend Koobi Fora Field School last summer.

Next week, I will be flying out to Washington DC to attend the Society for American Archaeology conference and present a poster on the Koobi Fora mentored research I participated in last summer with Jonathan Reeves, Dr. David Braun, and several other students. You can find the abstract for the poster online if you’d like to know more about the project. The poster title is: Lithic Taphonomy and Digital Hydrogeologic Models: A GIS Based Approach to Understanding the Formational History of Surface Assemblages.

Check out my latest publication in the Valcoria Awakenings anthology, “Thought Power,” which came out in December. It’s a great collection in the fantasy universe of Jason King, and we would love to see some more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:

I’m still writing! I promise! I have a novella and two novels in progress, hoping to finish one or two of these stories and query them out before I leave for graduate school in the fall. I’ll put out further details as things progress.

Thanks again for reading my stories and for your interest in my life. It has been–and will continue to be–a wonderful journey!

To all: keep writing!