Summer Updates

I have had many wonderful opportunities come my way over the summer, and I have been meaning to update on those events. Among them, I have found a new job as an archaeological field technician/cultural resources technician for a consulting firm with an office in Salt Lake City. I embark on my first project with them next week, and I’m really excited. I’m also looking forward to applying to graduate schools again for next fall–likely including schools outside the U.S. in my search this round.

I still intend to write a post specifically about my adventures in Koobi Fora, Kenya this summer (and a gear recommendation post as well), especially since many of my friends and followers contributed to a GoFundMe fundraiser to help me meet my deposit for the trip. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am exceedingly grateful for your support. I want to tell you about what I did and how things went!

In the mean time, I also want to update you on my next author-related event, coming up in less than two weeks. I will be attending Salt Lake Comic Con, appearing on a panel called War and Peace in Science Fiction and Fantasy with John Morehead (as our moderator), Michael Bacera, Sarah Hanisko, Eric Swedin, and Timothy Zahn on Saturday, September 23rd in room 151A at the Salt Palace Convention Center. I love attending #SLCC and am honored to have been included in the event once more.

To anyone attending Salt Lake Comic Con, I’d love to have you come to our panel presentation–it should be blast! You can also check out the event schedule here: