2015 Year in Blogging

I find it intriguing to look at my yearly stats for this website, from which posts were viewed most often to where in the world my readers live. I’ve made my 2015 year in blogging report, generated through Jetpack by WordPress, public for those who may be interested.

Most popular posts this year included writing prompts from 2013 and discussions about the amazing ingenuity I’ve discovered in fellow human beings. I’m getting a lot of traffic through a trackback on the Idaho Museum of Natural History site, which is awesome, and through my Salt Lake Comic Con portfolio. And I appear to have quite a few frequent readers outside the U.S., particularly in Brazil and broader Europe–thanks for visiting!

I’ve enjoyed evolving this blog as a place to discuss cool things that I’ve read and encountered, to review and promote the work of fellow authors and artists, to share updates on my fiction and the events I attend, and to express some of my thoughts about the world as they relate to writing, creativity, and what it means to be human. My life path hasn’t followed at all where I expected it to go after graduating from college in a natural science field. But I love learning, something I’ll always be pursuing, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey as a growing author with all of you on this blog. As I’ve expressed frequently to my friends, family, and followers alike, thank you for your support, and for believing in me. You mean the world to me. While the year is quickly drawing to a close, I’m looking forward to sharing lots of exciting writing news, reviews, and curious thoughts here on Slithers of Thought in 2016.

For now, feel free to check out these highlights and stats for what you all liked best on Slithers in 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.02.21 PM