Steel and Bone Available for Pre-Order


Have you seen Jurassic World this weekend? My short story, “Curio Cay,” is based on a different island with a mad scientist. Visit The Island of Dr. Moreau in the Jurassic with Mary Anning and biomechanical dinosaurs on June 27th, when you order your copy of Steel and Bone: Nine Steampunk Adventures!

The Kindle edition, is available for pre-order on Amazon! Check it out:

There will be a book bomb on the day of the release, Saturday, June 27th. All purchases made on or before the day of the release will boost the anthology’s sales rank on Amazon. If the short story collection interests you, please consider purchasing on the day of the book bomb or in advance.

If you’d like to know what others think of the anthology so far, you can check out the responses of generous reviewers on Goodreads who have received an ARC:

The blog tour will begin June 21st and runs through July 2nd. More details to come.