Thoughts on FanX 2015


I’ll bother to take pictures of some of the brave people who come in costume to these things someday. The costuming is truly one of the most creative and entertaining component of these convention experiences. 🙂

The Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience was a blast! I wasn’t on any panels for the event, but that just made tending the booth and meeting people super chill.

 I sold a few books…


Accidentally posed with an anthology that didn’t contain my writing, and so decided I had to pose with every other book on the table…for the pure joy of watching Candace Thomas weep with laughter.


I checked in with the Space Balrogs: Holli Anderson, Jason King, David J. West, D. J. Butler, James Wymore, and Sara Butler.



I was exceedingly delighted to discover that Jason King quoted my review of his book Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star on this spiffy Styrofoam poster at the Space Balrog table! Now I can say I am cool enough to be quotable. Thanks Jason!


I put on my best psycho smile while chatting with bestselling horror author Michaelbrent Collings in his bloody barrister wig…


Schemed ways to take over the world through magic and steampunk technology with my fabulous “X-team” colleagues: Candace J. Thomas, Scott Tarbet, Jay Barnson, Scott William Taylor, and MacKenzie Dolan.





I bought myself this killer-awesome Smaug ring from Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc…


And finally, I convinced everyone that cross-literary karma was a great idea.

(I am currently searching for the group picture that meets this description. In the mean time, imagine the lot of us Xchylerites posing with each others’ books instead of our own with goofy grins on our faces).

I had so much fun reconnecting; introducing eager new writers, editors, and the merely curious to Xchyler Publishing; and putting my creative hard work out there for others to find and enjoy. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello; to those who bought books at our table; and to peers and fellow authors who have given their advice, support, and encouragement over the years. It’s wonderful to have opportunities to associate with so many amazing people at these events, and to pass on the encouragement as well as what I’ve learned to others. Thanks to everyone who believes in us creative folk. And, to my author friends, thanks for believing in me and in each other.

You all rock!

I’ll see you all at the LTUE writing symposium in Provo next week!