Welcome 2015


It is a new year, a chance to reflect on what I’ve done and where I’m going from here.

I’m blown away by all the opportunities I’ve had this year to contribute my thoughts and experience as an indie author on writing panels, from LTUE to Salt Lake Comic Con and beyond. I’ve made so many friends who have encouraged me and buoyed me up along the way. This year, I self published a novella with fantastic cover art by Cater Reid. I had a short story published in Leading Edge Magazine, and discovered Xchyler Publishing through the amazing Scott Taylor where I had another short story officially published. Dave Butler’s generosity and ability to bring a bunch of indie authors together to share his booth space at these conventions has allowed me to mingle with many local authors and make numerous contacts I wouldn’t have managed all on my own. It’s been an exciting year full of growth where my still very green writing and publishing career are concerned.

Outside of writing, I found a new job at Ancestry.com as an archival digitization specialist last summer and have made many new friends there.

For the future, I wish I could say the path is clear. My dream is still to go to graduate school and become a vertebrate paleontologist, but it looks like that might be out of reach for a few years until I’m ready to retake the GRE. This is probably the most frustrating part of my life’s journey right now. Writing full time began more as a way to distract myself from other things that weren’t quite going as expected years ago, and I’ve had mixed feelings about this path. Writing fiction is a talent I’d been wanting to develop for some time, and it feels wonderful that I’m finally getting the hang of it well enough to compete with others on the market. But it’s also a path my parents have not supported as much overall, and it makes me wonder sometimes…well, is this really what I’m supposed to be doing right now?

As I am LDS, I often seek priesthood blessings for things that concern me in life. The priesthood blessings I receive on this topic assure me repeatedly that there are many paths one can take in life that will fulfill the things we’ve come here on earth to do, and that the path I’m on right now is perfectly worthwhile. I hope someday I still get be the scientist I’ve dreamed of becoming, and contribute to the world in that way. For now, I’m a geology bachelor in limbo, a part-time archival digitization specialist, and an author who hopes her powers to convey beautiful stories that entertain, explore, and inspire will only continue to grow in the coming year.

My goal is to complete two novels this year, and to shoot for a pro-market short fiction publication. My sister thinks dating more extensively, socializing, and increased physical activity should probably go on my resolution list for this year, too. We’ll see about those…ha ha!

Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who has been in my life the past year! So many people have influenced my life and my perspectives for the better, and I’ve grown in so many ways because of you, your examples, your kindness and encouragement, and your enthusiasm. May you each and all have a wonderful year, and many years of life to come.

10882155_10206204987268112_5666379287392243834_nSpecial thanks to my sister, Annie, for getting me the Lego Research Institute set for Christmas. This (and you) will always remind me of my dreams and inspire my creativity. #YouAreMyFavoriteSister