Thoughts on Utah Winter Faire 2014

Fashionably late with the update as usual… 🙂

I attended the Utah Winter Faire a little over two weeks ago, which took place in the Legacy Events Center, nestled in rural Farmington. This wonderfully cozy gathering of fantasy enthusiasts had everything: live music performances, Irish dancing, old-fashioned armored combat, a costume contest, steampunk Santa, games, and more. What really made this event spectacular for its size was the excitement everyone brought with them when they entered. The guests really made the event fun!



In particular, this event provided an opportunity for me to get to know some local fellow Xchyler authors better as we took turns running the booth. In attendance were Candace J. Thomas, author of YA fantasy Vivatera series; Scott Tarbet, author of Midsummer Night’s Steampunk; Scott William Taylor, who’s work appears in a number of Xchyler’s anthologies, and who first introduced me to Xchyler’s short story contests at FanX this past April; and Jay Barnson, computer game creator and Steampunk author. We made a lot of great contacts at this event, and I look forward to spending more time with these authors at future events in the coming year.

A Winter Faire with tales of lore
Assembled knights and ladies fare
We gather all in fields of grey
To cheer and dance and merry make

We sing a ballad for all to hear
Of thanks we give this winter day
For magic, charms and spells anon

To you who labored for us all

-Scott William Taylor (with a little help from the other Xchyler-ites)

Thank you, Utah Winter Faire hosts, for this wonderful gathering!