Review: Vivatera


Candice is a fellow Xchyler author. I met her at Salt City Steamfest this summer, and had the opportunity to get to know her and her writing even better at the Utah Winter Faire where we both helped out with Xchyler’s booth.

Vivatera is a fun YA fantasy, with lots of characters and an interesting magic system. Control over the various elements has become entwined with the lives of the daughters of a royal family. The danger comes, not only from the magic, but from those who wish to take the power of the elements for themselves. There are plenty of intense creatures to contend with, action, adventure, and even romance.

My favorite character was twelve-year-old Zander. He came from rather unpleasant circumstances to begin with, and was, in my opinion, the most vulnerable character in the story. He has a stuttering impediment that makes it difficult to speak about his life’s pains, yet he demonstrates wonderful courage, even when faced with overwhelming terrors.

This is a great YA fantasy adventure!

To explore the magic, check out Vivatera here on Amazon or here on Barnes and Noble.

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