Legends and Lore Anthology Cover Reveal

Magic, and mischief, and trouble abound
When one cunning jinn seeks destruction and love.

#NationalPoetryDay #XchylerPublishing

In celebration of National Poetry Day yesterday, I present to you the above original, rhythmically aesthetic, but non-rhyming verse about my upcoming short story, “Peradventure,” appearing in Legends and Lore, an Anthology of Mythic Proportions on October 22nd, 2014.

The poem is just for fun, but this anthology is seriously awesome!

Now, behold the lovely cover art for Legends and Lore! (Do click to see the larger image)


But Sarah, you haven’t told us anything about your story “Peradventure,” I hear you say. Come, and read the little blurb I have made for you!

Fate has been cruel to Delilah of Sorek. Scorned by her husband, she survives on the city streets any way she can. When a devious jinni named Samson comes one night, declaring his love, Delilah becomes tangled in a plot with his enemies to rob him of his magic powers.

It’s A Party!

There will be a Facebook release party on the date of publication (October 22nd) from 4:00-8:00 PM, PDT. You’re all invited! The release party takes place on Facebook on an event page that will be easy to find via the Xchyler Publishing page. There will be fun games featuring each author and their stories in the anthology, and cool prizes for fans who participate.

A blog tour will run from October 14th through the 22nd that will feature the various authors whose stories appear in Legends and Lore in more depth.

A book trailer is also coming! I will share it when I see it.

Next week, I hope to have more info for you about the release party and blog tour scheduling.

Congratulations to my fellow anthologists: R. M. Ridley, Alyson Graur, Sarah Hunter Hyatt, Lance Schonberg, M. K. Wiseman, Danielle E. Shipley, A. F. Stewart, and Emma Michaels! And many thanks to Penny Freeman and the et. al. of Xchyler for a truly wonderful editorial and publication experience. We’ve all worked hard to make these nine stories of mythical mayhem the best shiny things they can be, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Keep being awesome readers and writers out there, and I look forward to meeting your virtual acquaintances very soon at the Legends and Lore release!

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