The Month After Salt Lake Comic Con


Now checking in for my minimum once-monthly blog update. I want to start by summing up my experience as a panelist at Salt Lake Conic Con this year. I was on six panels, all with amazing people. I sat with NYT bestselling authors, small press authors, and lots of indie authors; musicians, psychologists, experienced literary agents, editors, and even a guy who has done work for Nickelodeon! Admittedly, I waxed a little personal on some of the panels I participated on (I’m still finding the right balance of how best to share pieces of my soul with the public, so to speak), but it was fantastic to share my knowledge, points of view, and my own author journey in hopes that some of what I had to offer would be helpful and encouraging to others.

A lot of people came to garner insight and find encouragement as they embark on their own creative journeys, and it felt wonderful to pass on some of the things I’ve learned and contribute to the very environments where I’ve also taken many notes while seeking to improve my own writing craft. I also received a lot of good feedback from people after the panels, who mentioned that even some of the weird things I decided to tangentiate upon had been useful to hear, and I appreciate that very much.


Above are two pictures I’ve managed to find of myself on panels. The top was taken by my colleague, Dave Butler, during my panel “Vampires: The Many Faces of the Most Adaptable Monster.” The other was posted by a blog called With any luck, this blogger won’t mind me stealing their picture to share here, along with their blog posts about two of the panels I attended. To read their highlights, check out this post on “Structuring Life to Support Creativity” and this post on “Mad Scientists, Supervillains, and Sociopaths On The Road to Insanity.”

The Table of Awesome, so to speak, where I gathered with other indie authors to sell our books, was a marvelous load of fun. This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning these wonderful people by name: Sara Butler (S. A. Butler), David J. West, Angie Lofthouse, Craig Nybo, Jaleta Clegg, James Wymore, Scott Tarbet, and Scott William Taylor. This “Table of Awesome” was once more anchored by the incredibly charismatic Dave Bulter, who will be leaving the indie sphere soon to join Wordfire Press at future cons. My cover artist, Carter Reid, and his wife, Kelli, had a booth selling their unusual zombie wares in the artist alley. Below you can see the very creative monster wallet-badge I bought from them, hiding behind my “special guest” pass for the event.



Chillin’ at Dave Butler’s “Table of Awesome” with Angie Lofthouse and Jaleta Clegg



I reconnected with other wonderful authors I’ve come to know well in the past couple of years: Adrienne Monson, Jason King, and Paul Genesse to name some. It was so great to see these people, and to meet many more authors in person for the first time through the panels. I hope to continue growing my network with other authors, and look forward to more events to come next year.

Leading Edge Magazine Is Getting An Overhaul

Issue #66 of Leading Edge Magazine has been delayed for publication by several months due to logistics and lack of personnel over the summer that created some hurdles. Following the publication of issue #66, however, the new editor-in-chief, Kenna Blaylock, has big plans for the magazine. She has garnered a lot of enthusiasm from student volunteers at the start of the regular BYU school year to reinvigorate the magazine and reach a wider audience. They’ve talked of starting a student podcast, offering more to students creatively in ways that go beyond developing editing skills, with artist, writing, and nerd-culture “factions” that will be tapped to produce content or editorials for regularly updated online discussion as well as inclusion in the magazine itself. Details are still in the works, but these are just a few of the ideas Kenna and her new crew of committed student leadership for Leading Edge are talking about.

Leading Edge Magazine is also currently CONDUCTING A CONTEST to update the magazine’s logo look, with a $50 cash prize to the winner. Check out the details on the website under the submission guidelines tab:

Other Writing News

Tomorrow, I’ll have some exciting details to reveal about my upcoming story in Xchyler Publishing’s Legends and Lore paranormal anthology. Until then, thanks to everyone in my life who has been supportive, and also to those who have put up with me and my shenanigans, as I have forged ahead into this uncertain, yet exciting, path to authorship. I love you all!