Westercon 67 & Fantasy Con 2014 Summary


Well, I meant to post this the week after I attended Westercon, but time got away from me. I participated on one panel at Westercon 67 (“Literacy and Science Fiction”) and one at Fantasy Con (“Mormon Mages”). I think I was rather awkward on both panels this round, to be honest, but everything takes practice. I was super nervous this time. It was fun to be in a big room at the Salt Palace though, that’s for sure. And I was treated quite well by the Westercon staff once I arrived (there was lots of free food for us…that made me quite happy). Kudos to Kate Hatcher, who did an amazing job holding the show together in the end.

The Westercon dealer’s room was quiet, as was the book signing. But I did have a wonderful time sharing table space with Dave Butler, Nathan Shumate, Sara Butler, Graham Bradley, James Bachelor, and Scott Taylor. I also met authors David Boop and David West; did some networking with not only writers and editors, but local paleontologists; and had some really good, humorous conversations with my cover artist Carter and his wife Kelli Reid.

Here are some pics from my adventures at the two fandom conferences earlier this month:



There were lots of dragons at Fantasy Con. The dragon fountain was my favorite attraction, other than the panels on dinosaurs. I think if I have my own garden someday, I’ll need to acquire a miniature statue for it just like this. 🙂


Chilling with my buddy, Sara Butler (S. A. Butler) at our shared author table at Westercon.


My stuff at Dave Butler’s Tables of Awesome.


Sara Butler (whose table tent happens to say “Sonya Fletcher” on it, which is kind of a long, funny story…) and James Bachelor at the author signing event at Westercon.


The chill authorial and editorial reps from Curiosity Quills Press–they’re pretty awesome, as are their books!


Nathan and Scott. (Thanks again Scott for the tip about Xchyler! And Nathan–thanks for including me in one of the anthologies you’ll be editing this fall).


Carter Reid, David West, Dave Butler, and B. Daniel Blatt at the signing.

I’ll be popping into Salt City Steamfest on Saturday, August 2nd just to check it out and connect with people. I’ll also be at Salt Lake Comic Con, paneling and selling books with my indie cluster September 4th-6th. See you then!