Look What Came in the Mail!

My contract with Hamilton Springs Press (of which Xchyler Publishing is an imprint) arrived in my mailbox on Thursday. I’m nervous for the edits. Undoubtedly, the “polishing up” portion of this process is going to sting a bit. But I’m excited to sign my story over to this team, with confidence that this is going to be a really good publishing experience as well as a great opportunity to grow and gain more visibility as a writer. Thanks again, Xchyler/Hamilton Springs. I look forward to working with you.


Currently, I’m working through developmental edits I’ve received from Leading Edge for “Driveless.” (Hence my slight apprehension at receiving more edits to tackle on other stories in the near future…ha ha. But it’s all good exercise for my writerly soul). I’m also awaiting some feedback on a third short story I’ve titled “Fall of Spiders,” written for inclusion in a nightmare-themed anthology. (Right now I’m waiting to hear if “Spiders” is both long enough and otherwise satisfies the requirements for that anthology’s needs).

Next week I’ll have some exciting posts to share.

I’m joining in the #MyWritingProcess blog hop with a special post on Monday. This, courtesy of two authors, James Batchelor and Sara Butler, who tapped me to participate. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what #MyWritingProcess is all about…I’ll tell you on Monday!)

Friday, July 4th thru Sunday, July 6th, I will be up at Westercon 67 and Fantasy Con. I’ll definitely be sharing a booth with Dave Butler and the et. al. of awesome at the Westercon venue. There I will be selling my indie psychological/paranormal thriller Maladaptive Bind, as well as novelette Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story. I will also, with greater than lesser positivity, be on panels at both Westercon and Fantasy Con. I’m still biting my nails a little while waiting to hear what the plans are, exactly. But hopefully, I can get those details posted next week so anyone who’s interested will know where to find me.



Hope ya’lls are chillin’ on this hot summer Saturday. See you next week!