May Adventures

It feels good to get back into the swing of things here on Slithers. Real life has been a bit busy for me lately, so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog for a while. A lot of exciting things have happened from the end of April through the end of May, so I thought I’d give a relatively quick update.

At Comic Con FanX in Salt Lake City (April 17th-19th), I spent some quality bonding time with other authors at Dave Butler’s table, including Jaletta Claig, Scott Taylor, Sara Butler, and Steven Peck. I sold hard copies of my fantasy novelette Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story for the first time alongside my paranormal thriller Maladaptive Bind. Here are some pics of our table…and me, as proof that I was there (wink):





I also attended LDS Storymakers 2014 (Friday only, April 25th)–my first year ever attending this event. I sat in on a really great intensive class called Beat Out The Novel, which I found extremely helpful for people like me who don’t like to outline stories extensively but could use some more direction in setting up structure and story beats. Then of course there was Dave Butler’s awesome Steampunk panel, a really fabulous gala banquet with an interesting keynote address by Orson Scott Card, and I spent time Friday evening socializing with my favorite reps from local Utah publishers.

May has been a busy writing month for me. Scott Taylor, whom I met at FanX, introduced me to his publisher Xychler and these really cool anthology contests they do regularly. After beginning one story for their latest contest that decided it wanted to be a novel (which I hope to get back to working on soon), I was finally able to get another short story started and submitted with eight minutes to spare before the closing deadline just last Saturday. I don’t want to say too much about this submission for now because of blind judging, but I will keep ya’lls posted on how things turn out there.

This week I also contracted one of my short stories called “Driveless” for the first time ever to BYU’s Leading Edge Magazine–and I’m stoked!

I have my sights set on getting a couple more short stories written and submitted to anthologies this year, and I’ll definitely have to finish one of the several novel-length projects I’ve started.

Lastly, I went to Disneyland at the beginning of May with my folks for their wedding anniversary, then I found a sweet job as an Archival Digitization Specialist at in Provo.

Big, exciting announcements, my friends. I want to express my appreciation to family, friends, and writing community peers who have been extremely supportive in my writing efforts as well as life in general. You guys rock! 🙂