Orc Valentines Update

So, I decided not to wait for my artist to produce art for my orc valentines (I know, twenty-four hours is such a looong time to wait for art…). Actually, what happened is I’d already done the interior artwork for the cards, and decided to just play around some more with the program ArtStudio on my iPad while I was waiting for my art (I was trying to copycat my artist’s rough draft, actually). Several hours later, I ended up producing this:


Turns out, I can draw “people” better than I thought I could! (I’ve never done this before, so I’m pretty stoked). With any luck, I’ll have a large stack of orc-themed valentines/significant-other cards available at LTUE by tomorrow (in time for Valentine’s Day) or Saturday at the latest.

**Also, if you are looking for cutesy art, my friend Benjamin Keeley (who still produced some great art for me and got it to me this morning before leaving for work, because he’s that awesome) has informed me that he is opening himself up for commissions. You can check out his blog at: bmkstories.wordpress.com.