My Lame Excuse

So, I didn’t do a post yesterday like I promised. I got kinda caught up in this crazy idea of trying to put together orc-inspired valentines to sell at LTUE, and ended up dedicating my whole day trying to pull off this feat. With any luck, I’ll have these very cool, nerdy, lovey-dovey cards to sell — for a very reasonable price.

Yeah. So, about the inspiration for these valentines…I wrote this orc love story called “Blood Oath.” I’ve been sending it through the rounds of magazine submissions, and because of a couple of factors like length (it’s a little long for what magazines like to consider due to funding and such), I’m thinking very seriously about self-publishing this story–both in print and as an ebook. Anyway, I don’t want to jump the gun here because I did send the story out recently to one more place. But after this round, the story is definitely coming out one way or another. It’s too good to hold it back from the world any longer…Actually, I’m just really excited about the prospect of putting another polished story out there for people to enjoy.

If you’ll be at LTUE this weekend, I will be reading the first chapter/section/part of “Blood Oath” at 3:00 P.M. in a small, obscure room somewhere at the Marriot Hotel in downtown Provo. I’ll also be on a panel at 7:00 tomorrow evening talking about vampires, and possibly my book Maladaptive Bind that I published back in October of last year. If you’ll be at the symposium, come say hi! I’ll also be in the dealer’s room quite a bit, sharing a table with some other really cool authors and artists who would also love to meet you.

If you’d like to see my entire paneling schedule for the LTUE symposium, you can check it out under my new “Events” tab.

To find out more about LTUE (assuming I haven’t beaten this horse to death), visit

Post Scriptum, I just noticed that my really cool bookmarks I got after Maladaptive Bind came out have a small typo…a random extra word that doesn’t belong. Grr…


Just don’t hold it against me, ha ha. 🙂