Book Reviews on Slithers

I haven’t been including book reviews on my blog up to this point, mostly because I’m a little picky about what I read, I’m a slow reader, and I’d rather not take open requests to read books unless I already know you, like your books, or there’s some special circumstance where I’ve agreed to read and review something. Some authors I’ve talked to want dead honest reviews, and others are friends of mine who could use a boost (everybody should have a somebody or two that’ll give their book five stars on Goodreads no matter what, right? Especially starting out). Reviewing gets to be a complicated, messy thing that way, which is why I’ve avoided putting any reviews on my blog.

That said, I’ve decided it might be a good idea to start including reviews for some of the books I really like or have otherwise agreed to read and promote on the blog to give these authors a boost. I feel that review writing is a worthwhile skill to develop as I get further into my writing career and start networking with more an more authors, some of whom might actually start to value whatever blubs I might be able to offer in support of their own works someday. Maybe, just maybe. 🙂

I’m not going to rank my reviewed items on any scale (like one to five, etc.), just talk about what I like about the books, and maybe maybe maybe give a little bit of critique. What you won’t see are negative reviews or reviews of books I really didn’t enjoy. That way I can promote not only a positive environment on my blog, but good feelings between me and other writers I’d still like to keep as friends.

I’ll post a review or two today to kick things off.