Cover Reveal: Maladaptive Bind, Novel Edition



A little delayed in getting this up on the blog today as I’ve been busy posting news and updating my social media platforms. Without further ado, I give you the front cover of the novel edition of Maladaptive Bind. Isn’t it fabulous? (If you want my advice, buy the paperback on release day–the full cover wrap is gorgeous!). Carter Reid is the freelance artist I commissioned for this fantastic cover artwork. To check out more of his stuff or commission him for your own book cover, visit his zombie web comic at He’s great to work with, reasonably priced, and I highly recommend him! Also, be sure to check out the official Maladaptive Bind website at to learn more about my book.

Who’s ready for this book to come out? Heck yes!

After I got the finished artwork from my cover artist last night, I submitted my files to CreateSpace for inspection, and this morning I ordered a proof copy that’s already shipped and should come to me by Monday. With the ebook cued and everything else ready to go, assuming the paperback proof looks its best, my current plan is to release Maladaptive Bind both in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon either Monday, September 30th or Tuesday, October 1. At the latest, you can expect Maladaptive Bind to be made available by October 5th (unless something is really off with the print book formatting–which I’m not anticipating at all but will let you know in the worst case scenario). I’ll also do my best to release both the ebook and paperback at the same time, but there might be a day or two of lag time between the two versions after I hit “publish.” I’ve never done print books before, and this will be my first full-length novel to go public so it’s an adventure for me.

I know many have been anxious to see this book come out this month, and while it’s taken just a little longer than I expected to meet my goals I promise you won’t be disappointed when it comes. As a self-published author, I’m still learning the ropes of this trade and I appreciate everyone who has been helpful by offering advice, empathy, feedback, and encouragement along the way. And thank you to those who have simply invested their interest and enthusiasm in seeing this project–as well as my very green fiction writing career–succeed. All of you mean more to me than you may know, and I’m excited to share this labor of love (err, terrifying story) with you in less than a week’s time.

Thank you, and let’s get excited for the launch of Maladaptive Bind next week!