Leading Edge Magazine Issue 64 & Mimic Miniatures

I just wanted to plug a couple of projects on the blog that I haven’t mentioned up to this point.

First, I totally forgot to mention Leading Edge Magazine Issue 64 when it came out a month ago. Leading Edge Magazine is a BYU student-run sci-fi and fantasy magazine. While I’m not currently a student, I frequently go volunteer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings  to read “submission slush” and look for the good stories to pass on to the editors higher up for consideration. My name is in this issue of the magazine as an Assistant Editor, and you can also find a review that I wrote of Michaelbrent Colling’s Darkbound. There are some wonderful stories and poems this issue. My personal favorites include the rather creative poem “The Feruchemist in Love” by Benjamin Blackhurst and the poetic prose in “Of Songs and Solitude” by Erik Goranson, both featured in this issue (they’re right next to each other in the issue, as it happens). LE Issue 64 is currently available as both an ebook and in paperback through Amazon. I personally recommend getting the paperback version because it includes cool pictures you won’t find in the ebook edition.  To read a sample and get a copy of issue 64 for yourself, follow this link.

Second, there is a Kickstarter going on right now through October 1st for this really cool little company called Mimic Miniatures. They create tabletop gaming miniatures personalized with YOUR head using 3D printing technology. I’m friends with the people doing this project and I just backed them. If you’re into collecting or playing with gaming miniatures, this is really cool stuff and you should check out the project here: http://kck.st/17qG8tT