Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

From September 5th-7th I had the opportunity to attend Salt Lake’s first ever Comic Convention. The turnout was a huge success. From what I understand over 80,000 people attended the last day, and it was a blast.

I went up Wednesday night and spent the whole weekend in a little hotel a few blocks away from the Salt Palace Convention Center. A lot of my time at the convention itself  was spent wandering around the vender floor, taking in all the fascinating creativity bubbling around me. People wore costumes and masks from literally every kind of movie franchise, cartoon, TV series, and anyone or anything else that inspired mimicry. There were a lot of artists selling posters and commissioning their talents in creating custom artwork. There were places to buy costumes, T-shirts, Legos, figurines, board games, books, jewelry, hats. Just about anything that had to do with media fandomness was available. There were celebrities there, too, like William Shatner, but I only really saw some of these big names from afar in their spiffy VIP signing booths at the back of the vender room.

My camera died early on, and the food was expensive enough at the convention center that I didn’t want to spend any money on new batteries (or time figuring out where I could buy them). So, I only have a picture of this really cool Cthulu-inspired bracelet I bought from Carter Reid at his Zombie Nation booth.


Isn’t it pretty? Carter Reid is also doing the cover artwork for Maladaptive Bind.

Originally I decided to attend Salt Lake Comic Con for the panels. A number of local authors mentioned on Facebook that they were going to be attending and presenting on panels. I wanted to be there to reconnect with the people I already knew, connect with a few more authors I hadn’t talked to before, glean writing/publishing wisdom, and plug my book that will be coming out at the end of the month. I didn’t take as many notes this time and so will not be publishing notes on the exact panels I attended or all the authors that were on them. But I did get to talk to Brad Torgersen, D. J. Butler, Steven L. PeckEric James Stone, Paul Genesse, Michaelbrent Collings, and James Dashner. There were lots of other authors there I saw on panels, but these are the ones I got to interact with one-on-one. And, of course, I got to hang out with  Joe Vsicek, Sara Butler (who just epublished for the first time–go check out her book Sonya Fletcher: The Hunt Begins!), and other friends up at the con.

My highlight was talking to James Dashner about the Maze Runner movie that’s coming out and telling him a little about my book. Okay, I confess, this is favorite favorite part of that conversation…when I mentioned that I wrote an adult psychological thriller, he paused and mentioned that he’s been wanting to write an adult psychological thriller too–and to let him know when my book comes out because he wants to read it. Being a huge James Dashner/Maze Runner fan, I pretty much melted into a puddle of joy that THE James Dashner said he would like to read my book. I’m kind of just a little bit ecstatic. 😀 Also way excited to see the Maze Runner movie when it comes out. I’m still working on The Kill Order, his prequel to the Maze Runner series. I LOVE these books. Seriously.

That concludes my adventures at the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con. Lots of fun, and I came away with some new connections as well as a couple of new books. And an eyeball bracelet. If I’m still in Utah, I’ll be looking forward to attending this again next year.