Slithers Gets An Upgrade

This is my first time posting to slithers via the WordPress platform. I’ve had such a wonderful experience setting up a self-hosted blog I think I’d better gush about it and get it out of the way.

Plugins are my new best friends. The customizability with WordPress plugins is almost endless, and WordPress handles tweaks to templates much better than Blogger ever ever EVER did (Blogger frequently turned my home menu invisible whenever I deleted or added a new page, and it recently started deleting all of my widgets every time I uploaded a new iteration of my custom template). I can have endless numbers of pages now. I can nest pages. I cannot tell you how much it used to frustrate me that I couldn’t create drop-down menus in the home bar on Blogger. Don’t even get me started on the possibilites available now that I can create sub-domains. And, best of all, I found a plug-in that allows me to redirect my website straight to my WordPress website. It’s so cool! Seriously, if you have some cash and you’re serious about having a blog or website for your career, whatever it might be, invest in a self-hosted blog.

I’m currently using Bluehost as my host. Setting up was a bit overwhelming right at first, but after spending nearly all of the past 24 hours getting comfortable with Bluehost, with WordPress, and with transferring my Blogger blog posts and content over, I feel like I got the hang of things pretty quickly and it hasn’t been bad at all it. It’s been a blast, in fact, and I feel like there is so much I now want to do with this blog/author website. WordPress without boundaries is seriously a beautiful thing, if I do say so myself. Still tweaking things with my newfound website-building freedom, but from henceforth, Slithers will reside at it’s own domain.

I hope you enjoy the new  Slithers!

That is all. 🙂