Maladaptive Bind v2.0 Coming Soon

I’ve been quiet about my book for a while. Here is my announcement: the novel-length version of Maladaptive Bind is coming in September.

A lot of great people have been helping me whip this story into shape and I’m excited to release version 2.0 into the wild very soon.

The exact release dates are still tentative, but currently I’m looking at about mid-to-late September (there’s a chance I may push the release date back to October). Maladaptive Bind will soon be available both as an ebook and as a print-on-demand paperback through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Stay tuned for the cover release and more details in the coming weeks. (Carter Reid is producing my cover artwork).

And for those who may be interested, version 1.0 is still available on Smashwords and Amazon (and just about anywhere you can buy ebooks) for $0.99. You can read a free sample online or purchase the novella version to get a preview of what’s to come: