Awkward Attempt At Being Helpful

So, I was chilling in the grad student parking garage at BYU today, working on my laptop when this guy on his cell phone tried to pull out three spaces away from me. He broke his mirror on the pole and smashed his window. Asked him if he was okay and he replied kind of grumpily that he was. He took off, leaving a pile of glass.

I actually felt really bad for him and thought I’d probably leave the pile of glass behind too because what’re you supposed to do, you know? I decided I wanted to be helpful (as in I went to the library and couldn’t stop thinking about it). So, I went to the BYU bookstore to look for trash bags and a dust pan. They didn’t have dust pans, so I settled on trash bags and paper plates with the intention of using my snow brush. There was a LOT of glass…. Then these really nice people saw me trying to sweep up the glass and suggested I simply call campus police to have a cleaning crew take care of it.

While I am likely the most awkward person in the world right now, it still felt pretty good to go hunting for trash bags and a dust pan…I think…

The end.