June Updates: Just the General

Just a quick update on how my writing life is going and what projects I’m working on.

I’m currently working on a short story (which I hope will be short enough) for “Quarter 3” of Writer’s of the Future. I haven’t heard any word on my Quarter 2 entry, though the WotF forums have been generally quiet at this time. Because WotF is such a big contest, it could be another month or two before I hear back on that story. I’m really excited about this next one, though. I’d tell you about it right now except that they like to keep things mum, so for now…that’s all I’ll tell you.

Maladaptive Bind has been expanded to just under 50k words and I’ve roped a few really good people into reading it through for me. Querying has yielded few prospects at this time, mostly because the story is still on the short side and part of it has already been self-published (many publishers want to publish completely new content if they can). A few said it was too scary/violent for their preferences. After being exposed to so many authors at CONduit that have had good experiences with self-publishing, I’m leaning towards self-pubbing the full novel. If I go through with this plan, I’m thinking of paying someone to make me a nice cover and offering the book in print as well as e-pub via Amazon. Depending on how smoothly things go and whether I get any leads from current queries, I’m hoping to put out the full novel of Maladaptive Bind sometime in mid-September or early-October of this year. I’ll keep you posted.

My overall goal right now is to get a few short stories published in magazines or anthologies (or contests) to get my work out there and put some credits to my name. After I complete my Q3 entry for WotF, I might tweak a few old shorts or spin up a new one or two and keep things circulating until something sticks. Then I’ll get started on another “full-length” project. I’ve come up with some ideas to re-vamp my first novel, called Destiny of Species, that I might go with. I just loved the characters and some things about the premise so much I want to re-boot it one more time. We’ll see.

In the My Stories tab I put up links to Demon Betta, and There’s Starving Vampires in Africa, a couple of short stories I wrote a year ago that are free on Smashwords. I may or may not post them on this blog. My writing has gotten a little better since I created those. 😉

*Also wanted to mention that I’m going to start posting book reviews on this blog in the near future–real ones that are short and sweet with a little bit of meat. I’d like to introduce ye followers to other great writers I know and/or love in the odd chance you might just love them too.

Thanks to everyone who’s following my writing journey and who have been supportive. I hope to reward you soon with some really great stuff you won’t want to miss.

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