Writing Prompt: Ultraviolet Radiation

My high school physics teacher once placed a chair on one of the tables at the front of the classroom and asked us to imagine what would happen if someone sitting in that chair were to be constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation…then he proceeded to inform us that we were ALL constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. Hah! Only certain wavelengths, however, are extremely dangerous…but that’s a discussion for another prompt, perhaps.

Ultraviolet is a wavelength just shorter than the visible spectrum of light human eyes can perceive. It can tan and burn our skin as well as spur vitamin D production. We can use this wavelength as well to help us map features on surfaces like the sun (which emits lots of UV rays).

Writing Prompt: Ultraviolet Radiation (ND)

Write a story about an alien race that can perceive UV light, but for some reason longer wavelengths such as those in the human spectrum of perception are extremely dangerous to these aliens. Bonus points if you find a creative way to describe the aliens’ coloration (or what they otherwise look like) sans killing them via visible light rays.

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