Writing Prompt: Stephanie the Cat

I’m feeling lazy today, so I stole another prompt from my old blog. While I’m still calling this prompt “Stephanie the Cat,” to fit today’s letter challenge (for N) this prompt has to do with names.

I told my sister that if she were a cat named “Stephanie,” she would look like this…
(Basically, my mom will sometimes go through the names of every woman in our small extended family before she gets our names right when she’s trying to talk to us, and one day I decided to throw the name “Stephanie” into the fray, which isn’t a family name for us at all. I’ve enjoyed calling my sister that ever since…hopefully there won’t be blood drawn for posting this ;-). (I drew this on my iPad with a sketch program, by the way–I’m kind of stoked).

Write a story in which your main character magically gets turned into a cat when her mother gets her name wrong while uttering some kind of magic incantation that’s supposed to be a blessing or give your main character powers. Follow your character on an adventure to undo the magic spell and get her name put right.

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