Writing Prompt: Junk Food Apocalypse

I sense a new trend taking shape in future writing prompts, and a new category emerging. The Apocalypse category has now been added to the Beauty of Decay Writing Prompt suite, and includes any prompts specifically on apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, or dystopian scenarios.

Here is your first.

Writing Prompt: Junk Food Apocalypse (A)

Sometime, somewhere in the far distant future we find the diminished remains of human civilization. At the center is a group of humans who’s metabolism has evolved to subsist entirely on processed foods. When that civilization’s ability to produce processed foods is threatened, humanity is threatened with extinction. You have two options: figure out how to survive on raw, unprocessed foods or find some way to increase production, control the population size, or redistribute the products you have. You will gain something by fixing this problem, and you will lose something important in the battle as well.

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