Writing Prompt: Magic Ink

Ink: a dark pigment that cephalopods (like squid and octopus) expel when frightened to confuse and escape predators. (Check out this wikipedia article to learn more about cephalopod ink).

While one of the primary constituents of inks is melanin, wouldn’t it be cool if a few species of cephalopods produced ink with magical properties?

Writing Prompt: Magic Ink (P)

Invent a new kind of cephalopod, something that looks squid- or octopus- or ammonoid-like in some way, but is entirely unique as well. This could be a reinvention of the mythical Kraken, or a cursed pirate or alien with a humanoid body and a tentacled face. Whatever this creature is like, it’s dangerous. It also has rare ink with magical properties. The ink is worth a lot, and your job is to hunt these creatures down and find a way to collect the ink without getting eaten/poisoned/crushed. Bonus points if you try to find a humane way to collect the magical ink that doesn’t involve killing the creature–most likely that task will be all the more intense.

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