Writing Prompt: To Slay A Dragonfly

Odonata (the dragonfly family) is more ancient than the dinosaurs. These powerful, agile fliers are fierce predators, and their beautiful wings are depicted broadly in decorative art forms. The most difficult thing for me to do once I catch a dragonfly or damselfly is pop the muscles responsible for flapping the wings so the creatures won’t escape when I stuff them in envelopes and freeze them later. As I’m squeezing the top part of the abdomen, these creatures fight hard to flap their wings and escape. I can feel how powerful and how vulnerable these creatures are at the same time, and the experience can be both unsettling and awe-inspiring. The life forms on our planet are truly incredible.

Prompt: To Slay A Dragonfly

Write about a hero or heroine who has to slay a beast for science, the welfare of their village, or some other important cause. When they discover both the beast’s power and it’s vulnerability, make your hero/heroine struggle within themselves to come to terms with the task they have promised to perform. What are the costs if the beast is slain? What are the costs if the beast is set free? In the end, does your hero/heroine slay the beast or sympathize with it? What does he/she gain, and what does he/she lose as a consequence of this action? Is he/she satisfied with the outcome?

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