Horror Books: Darkbound & A Short Stay in Hell

I don’t know that reviewing books is going to become a regular thing for me (just watch, I’ll say that and then I’ll start reviewing books like crazy), but I’d like to briefly recommend two books I picked up at LTUE in the horror genre written by LDS authors (as I’ve been on that vein).

The first is Darkbound by Michaelbrent Collings, a story about six passengers who embark on a subway ride through their worst fears (or comeuppances). It’s gory, cautionary, and the characterizations are fantastically done. This book is hard to put down–non-stop suspense. If you’re looking for a horror story done right, check out this one (okay, I haven’t read a lot of horror yet…but still).

The next is A Short Stay in Hell by Steven L. Peck. This has a tiny bit of gore, but it’s mostly philosophical horror. It’s fantastically disturbing: about a faithful Mormon man who finds himself in Zoroastrian hell and must locate the book on his life to leave the massive library where he’s trapped.

Other horror books I would recommend (that I’ve read) are Dan Well’s YA I Am Not A Serial Killer series.