Kicking off the New Year with a GoFundMe for Field School

To my friends and fans: I have been accepted into a study abroad program at the Koobi Fora Field School, but need a little help meeting the deposit. I’ve set up a GoFundMe account, and everyone who makes a donation over $5 will receive digital copies of my independent works. You can check out the fundraiser campaign here:

*January 9th Campaign update: I took down the first campaign experiment to explore other virtual donation options, and have decided to continue my campaign on GoFundMe after all. I really think this will be the easiest rout to take to raise the funds I need. Fundraiser websites are better trusted by donors interested in a cause than donation buttons on personal blogs and websites, and I’ve decided that the slice taken by the company is comparable to other fundraiser websites of the same quality and is worthwhile for the services provided. I want to thank everyone for your patience with my craziness, and offer this campaign again with a goal of reaching $300.

Want more information?

Here is my Go Fund Me fundraiser letter for Sarah’s Awesome Field School Fund:

Dear friends,

My name, for those visitors who don’t know me, is Sarah Seeley. I graduated from Brigham Youn University with a bachelor’s degree in geology several years ago, and my goal at this time is to further my education and, one day, pursue a career in research.

I am delighted to share that I have been accepted into the Koobi Fora Field School program for the summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain invaluable experience and expand my horizons in the field of paleoanthropology, something I hope to study in graduate school in the future.

In applying to the program, I also applied for an NSF fellowship, which would have fully funded this experience. There are two rounds of applications, and while I was offered a slot in the program after the first round of applications, I was not offered one of the limited funding packages. I am still in the pool to be considered for funding for the second round of applications, and those funding opportunities will be determined in March.

At this time, I could use your help.

I am currently exploring other financial options to fund the bulk of my expenses—including grants, loans, and different employment opportunities—in the case that I am not able to secure a fellowship in the second round so that I may still take advantage of this opportunity this summer. However, I need to make a $500 deposit within the next two weeks (by January 21) to hang onto the slot I’ve been offered (which presumably would be refunded if I were extended a fellowship after the second round of applications).

During this short window of time I would like to raise money to meet the deposit and secure my slot in the program. Even a few hundred dollars would be enough to make the cost of the deposit manageable for me in this time frame.

As many of you know, I am also a science fiction, fantasy, and horror author. To show my appreciation for your help, anyone who donates $5 will receive their pick of two free digital stories from among my independently published works, including Maladaptive Bind, Blood Oath: An Orc Love Story, and Driveless (Driveless was originally published in Leading Edge Magazine #66, and is not currently available in digital form at online stores. The copy of Driveless you will recieve will not include the rest of the Leading Edge Magazine content). Or, if some would prefer, those who donate at the AWESOME Level may opt for one of my independent works, plus a brand new short story that has never been published.

Those who donate $10 at the SUPER Level will receive digital copies of all three of my independent works, or their pick of two of my independent works plus the new short story.

Those who donate $20 or more at the FANTASTIC Level can claim digital copies of all three of my independent works AND the new short story.

*The new short story will be produced and sent out by the end of February.

Any donations that surpass my $500 goal will go toward covering the expenses of my study abroad experience. If I am offered a fellowship after the second application round, which would cover tuition, airfare, and my travel abroad emergency healthcare insurance, all donations will go toward buying equipment for the trip, paying for inoculations (as I do not currently have health insurance that will cover this), and paying down my current student loan debt from my undergraduate degree.

Thank you so much for your help!

Immortal Works Flash Fiction Friday: Fall of Spiders

My friends at Immortal Works have been doing a weekly flash fiction audio production called Flash Fiction Friday. Today, my story, “Fall of Spiders,” was featured on the podcast, read by Tasha Wheelhouse of Coppershock Horror Podcast. I love it and wanted to share the audio that you can listen to on YouTube. You can also check it out on the Immortal Works blog here:

December Update

It’s been a wonderful year, and I can’t believe it’s about to draw to a close at the end of the month!

The paperback for Windows Into Hell is now available at Barnes and Noble:

and Amazon:

The audio book production is coming out soon on Audible, and I can’t wait to share it! (I’ve listened to a couple of the anthology stories already, including my own, and I’m really excited). This will the first official audio book I’ve ever been a part of, so I’m stoked. Special thanks to Tonya Adolfson and her studio for the production.

Also, Curiosity Quills is putting the Kindle edition on Sale for 99 cents on December 11th and 12th! Mark your calendars and grab yourself an e-copy of this creepy masterpiece.

I have to say that it has been great to see the reviews come in, and to read that so many people are enjoying this collection. It was so fun to write a story for this, and it has been an honor to be included with these other fabulous authors. To all looking forward to reading this anthology or gifting it to friends and family over the holidays, I hope you enjoy!

I’ve finished up my grad school applications, and I’m jumping back into writing more this month. I’m still working on my orc novel (which I am super excited about, and it is coming along nicely), but I’ve also decided I would like to write (or complete) a couple of stand-alone novellas–before the end of the year. Yea for goals!

I’m hoping to get another review or two posted for books by fellow authors before the end of the year as well.

Happy December! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! And happy reading, writing, and doing whatever it is that gets you into the spirit of the season.

Things I’m Grateful For


My 29th birthday was on Sunday, and today is Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. It has been an amazing year for me, full of unexpected ups and downs as well as adventures and opportunities. I participated on panels at LTUE, the World Horror Convention, and Salt Lake Comic Con, among other wonderful events once more, to mingle with and learn from all my favorite local authors and creators. My little sister married her sweetheart in the Provo City Center Temple. I retook the GRE this summer, and I’m in the process of applying to graduate schools again. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I feel very blessed. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve as the Relief Society secretary in my LDS young single adult’s ward since June. I have grown so much in this time, and I have learned so much from fellow presidency members as well as the sweet, strong, incredible women in my ward.

The weekly responsibilities I have related to this calling made my birthday this year a special one indeed–and my fellow RS presidency members brought a few things to our pre-church meeting to celebrate with me. Thanks to Lauren for the pumpkin pie and whipped cream, Emily for the delicious chocolate cupcake, and Carlie for driving us to and from our stake training at 7:30 in the morning on Sunday. I love you three–thank you for making my morning special while we talked about ward activities and needs. I’m also grateful for Brooke and Marisa, whom I served with in this presidency for just a few months. I learned so much from you. I love serving all the sisters in my ward (we call each other “brothers” and “sisters” at church) with this crew of wonderful leaders, and I am so honored that I have the opportunity to visit with you, teach you, learn from you, be your friend, and help run our Relief Society on Sundays and support your activities during the week.

I also want to thank my mom and dad for preparing a delicious dinner on my birthday, and for the family members who celebrated with me. To all my friends who sent me a message, spent time with me, or gave me a hug on my birthday, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I’m lucky to know you and have you in my life.

May everyone enjoy feasts of family, friendship, and good food today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah E. Seeley is a fantasy and horror author, and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association.

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