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Through two wonderful mentored research experiences, Sarah E. Seeley had the opportunity to work with dead sauropods and ancient odonates while acquiring her undergraduate degree in geology from Brigham Young University. She hopes to study more dead things in the future and contribute to scientific discussions about what makes life on Earth so amazing. In the meantime, she explores the bright side of being human by writing dark fiction.

Sarah is a fantasy and horror author whose stories appear in Leading Edge Magazine and various anthologies. Her latest story, “The Armadillo’s Song,” appears in Windows Into Hell, an anthology based on Steven L. Peck’s A Short Stay in Hell. Sarah’s upcoming story, “Thought Power,” will be included in Jason King’s Valcoria Awakenings anthology later in 2017. She is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association.

Random Facts

I have a Bachelor’s degree in geology from Brigham Young University. During my time as a student, I worked as a lab technician at the school’s Museum of Paleontology and took part in two mentored research projects. One project involved the taphonomy of a Utah bone bed, where I studied insect scavenging patters on sauropod epiphyses. For the other, I studied the evolution of flight structures in fossil odonates (dragonflies). I also had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant. I love learning about the Earth, and I never get tired of hitting rocks with a hammer.

What I think I look like.

What other geologists think I look like.

What I really look like.

What real dinosaur bones look like.

What the flora of the Rocky Mountains looks like.

I also play the cello and have a music minor. I had the opportunity to participate in a NASA BEST Student Multimedia Internship (through UMBC) where I collaborated long-distance with a student team as part of a STEM project in 2008 (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?). My job was to create background music for short informational clips about NASA’s plans to return to the moon. I’m not sure what happened to those clips, unfortunately…but I got paid for making cool, organized noise on my computer.

Check out this music clip I made, inspired by my first novel project in 2011.

Favorite Books

I mostly enjoy reading non-fiction on evolution and psychology topics, but I also read dystopian, science fiction, and a smidge of horror and fantasy. Some of my absolute favorites are listed below.


  • Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin
  • Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss
  • Relics of Eden by Daniel J. Fairbanks


  • Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
  • I Am Not A Serial Killer Series by Dan Wells
  • The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner
  • Silas Marner by George Eliot

Random Life Goals

  • Get a Ph.D. studying paleoanthropology or paleobiology.
  • Travel at least once to every continent in the world.
  • Pen an entire journal on my life with my right foot (apparently I’m right-footed).
  • Find a really awesome man who can stand me, and get married in the temple someday (check out Mormon.org to learn more about my faith).

Sarah E. Seeley is a fantasy and horror author, and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. She has a bachelor’s degree in geology and loves exploring the science of human origins.

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