Elsa & Anna Signed My Brainstorming Notebook

I was going to post this back a lot closer to my June 4th post about my May adventures…

At the beginning of May I went to Disneyland with my folks as they celebrated their wedding Anniversary. As I’ve managed to somehow talk about it only ONCE on this blog, I’m kind of obsessed with Frozen. Just a little. Just a lot. So obsessed, that my awesome dad went with me to the park early one morning just so we could run from the rope drop when they officially opened and stand in line for an hour and a half to see Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. This is kind of crazy for me because I haven’t actively sought out Disney characters to talk to at Disneyland since I was four. I guess I’m not very good at “getting” people playing characters or how to play along with them from one grown person to another. I’m not much of an actress, I guess. Anyways…I was hoping my little sister, Annie (who’s a good six-inches taller than me), would be on this trip so we could both get our pictures taken with the famous Anna and Elsa. But alas, Snickerdoodle (a.k.a. Annie) couldn’t make the trip. I got my picture anyway…


When I went up to see Anna and Elsa after waiting in line an hour and a half (it was roughtly a four-hour line behind us not long after we raced from the rope drop across the castle drawbridge into Fantasyland), I decided I couldn’t walk away from this meet-and-greet without getting their autographs, too. So, I explained that I was a writer and asked the two Disney princesses to sign my brainstorming notebook.


Anna asked what I like to write about, and I had just said, “horror,” when my dad interrupted to mention that I have a little sister named Annie…


It was one of the most awkward things I’ve ever done at Disneyland. I’m pretty sure, though, that Elsa’s magic worked…because one of the stories I was brainstorming in that notebook at the time has just been accepted into a paranormal anthology to be published in the fall! More on that next time I post. For now…”Let it go!” (It doesn’t really make sense. Just humor me.) :-)

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