Out With The Old: Winter Pruning

Three things for which I did some pruning today:

One, I finally got up the courage to take down saraheuphemia.com. It has taken me a while to come to this decision. While my old blog still had many thoughts and things from my early writing endeavors that I enjoyed returning to, ultimately I’m no longer using the blog and feel that my new blog here on Slithers represents my author brand much better.

StarvingVampiresSmashwordsRetired-01 DemonBetaSmashwordsRetired-01Two, I took down two short stories I’ve had on Smashwords called “There’s Starving Vampires in Africa” and “Demon Betta.” I felt that these two short stories served a purpose a year ago in allowing me to experiment with self-publishing. They were also fun to share on my early blog. Ultimately, my writing has improved enough since I created those stories that I felt it would be good to retire them from formal circulation and make way for better representations of my work.

Three, I have also made the decision to take Maladaptive Bind (Novel Edition) off Kobo and the iTunes store. Currently I am keeping it on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and of course Amazon.

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Sarah E. Seeley is a fantasy and horror author, and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. She has a bachelor’s degree in geology and loves exploring the science of human origins.

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