Updates: Retiring Maladaptive Bind 1.0

In preparation for the release of Maladaptive Bind 2.0, I will be retiring 1.0 (the novella version) from Smashwords and Amazon today or tomorrow so it can filter out of the ebook channels before I put up the new version. The full-length, new-and-improved, novel-length version expands the story significantly and I’ve made big improvements to the prose and content thanks to the help of a number of wonderful feedback readers. If you’d like to read a sample, fear not. I’ll be posting updates on my blog and social media pages in the next few weeks. I also have a lovely new book cover in the works illustrated by Carter Reid that I can’t wait to show off. Stay tuned!

I’ve also tweaked the blog a bit. I’ve cleaned up the post labels and moved the A-Z Challenge writing prompts list to a post in April (find the list here) to keep the menu items current. A few more things might get rearranged while I make updates.

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Sarah E. Seeley is a fantasy and horror author, and an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. She has a bachelor’s degree in geology and loves exploring the science of human origins.

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