Writing Prompt: Evil Calculus

Well, I was thinking of what I would do for the letter C in the A-to-Z Challenge today…and I found this picture of my cat Nefertiti sitting on my calculus book once upon a time. Unless you’re a mathematical wizard, calculus is just plain evil. ‘Nuf said.

Prompt: Evil Calculus (Need I Say More?)

This might look like a really cute picture of a cat with a calculus textbook, but in our scenario today this cat is really an evil genie that will turn your dreams into your worst nightmare if you can’t solve the integral she gives you for opening her dusty, enchanted book pages and setting her free. Instead of three wishes like normal genies grant, this genie-cat is giving you three chances to get the equation right before it’s too late and something really really bad happens to you. I’m thinking your first two tries won’t go so well, but third time’s…well, either you get it or you don’t. It would suck if you became forever trapped in the pages of a calculus textbook, or you got turned into a math equation, or whatever evil punishment you can think up instead. Good luck!

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