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"Driveless" in Leading Edge Magazine #66.

Out Now!

Out Now!

Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions. Available now on Amazon!

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On The Isle of Sound and Wonder Blog Tour

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

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Today is my 27th birthday. *Party Streamers* *Sarah is old*


I’m excited to present Alyson Grauer’s On The Isle of Sound and Wonder, complete with blurb, excerpt, author bio, and my own review of this splendid steampunk take on a Shakespearean classic. I met Aly at Salt City Steamfest back in August and share story space with her in Xchyler Publishing’s Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions. She’s a hoot to talk to online and in person, as well as a talented author.

Before reading any further, check out this awesome book trailer! It’s gorgeous. It may make you weep inside for joy. That, or you just might smile and think Sound and Wonder is the cool book on the shelf. Watch the trailer, then indulge in the blog tour voyage! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the post!

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

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On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

The further I read, the more I liked this book. I’m not familiar with Shakespear’s The Tempest, as it happens, but the human strengths and, particularly, weaknesses and ignorances in each character compacted with layers of schemes that start to unravel in the worst way is something Sound and Wonder shares unmistakably in common with the classic playwright’s style. Aly’s spin revolves around the shipwrecked crew of an airship, a neglected young girl, a magically deformed boy, a devious air spirit, a midwife witch, and a nobleman whose magical ambition plunges all of their lives into utter chaos.

The descriptions and voice Aly infuses into this story have a bright, delightful quality that really draws out the wonder of this alternate universe where automaton butlers and magical fays are not-so-quietly at work in the background of the drama. At the same time, the story possesses some dark, serious subject matter. The story becomes gut-wrenching as the connections between characters and their fates come together.

Very entertaining. Read it!

Also…isn’t the cover art just amazing? If for no other reason, get yourself a copy of this book so you can stare at the gorgeous cover for a while.

On the Isle of Sound and Wonder by Alyson Grauer

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Legends and Lore Kindle Sale

Cool news: This week you can buy  the Kindle edition of Legends and Lore for just $0.99! Click here or follow the image link to get your copy.


10688358_741701105909553_3859155967884764681_o(I swiped this image from Sarah Hunter Hyatt at Xchyler Publishing)

Legends and Lore Paperbacks Have Arrived!

I actually got these a little while ago, but haven’t had a chance to share yet. Behold the beautiful covers of the Legends and Lore paperbacks!




There’s my story, “Peradventure!”

I will carry this supply around to sell at various conventions next year until they are gone.

Check out “Driveless” in Latest Issue of Leading Edge Magazine

Issue 66 of Leading Edge, BYU’s student-run magazine of science fiction and fantasy, is now live on Amazon! My short story “Driveless” appears in this issue. Get your copy of the magazine at a great price and support a wonderful club that has nurtured editing and fiction writing in college students since before I was born (which is kind of a long time). Think of it as a birthday present for me, since it is the month of my birth and all.

Be sure to like the Leading Edge Facebook page and visit the Leading Edge Magazine website at www.leadingedgemagazine.com for the latest information on their publications, events, and antics.

To current editor-in-chief Kenna Blaylock, and all my friends staffing Leading Edge this year, you guys rock!

"Driveless" appearing in Leading Edge Magazine #66. *Coming soon!

Freebie Shorts are Back Up

After taking these stories down for a year, I’ve dusted off these freebies and put them back up. Enjoy “There’s Starving Vampires in Africa” and “Demon Beta,” quirky humor, and really short flash fiction horror for the spooky holiday.


Demon Betta


There’s Starving Vampires in Africa



About Sarah

About Sarah

Through two wonderful mentored research experiences, Sarah E. Seeley had the opportunity to work with dead sauropods and ancient odonates while acquiring her undergraduate degree in geology from Brigham Young University. She hopes to study more dead things in the future and contribute to scientific discussions about what makes life on Earth so amazing. In the meantime, she explores the bright side of being human by writing dark fiction.

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